• Pool Testing

    Simple and clear. We’re back in business.

    Simple test results and detailed data reporting provide you and your team with the information they need to make educated decisions about going to work—even before your whole team has been completely vaccinated.

  • Industry leading advanced laboratory diagnostic services

    Every lab department is equipped with state of the art instrumentation that offers reliable and precise results for every specimen.

  • Back to School Testing

    Cost-Effective. Ready-to-Use Test Kits. Easy to Implement.

    The best approach to prevent the virus from spreading is to test everyone on a regular basis. Coronavirus testing in schools should be done on a regular basis to assist minimize the virus’s spread. Accurate outcomes.

  • Back to Work

    COVID-19 Testing.

    For educational organizations, employers, and laboratories, we provide turnkey, customizable, and scalable testing solutions.

Amedix Overview

Technology has the potential to make our lives healthier, more inexpensive, and hence better. That is, if we use it right. But there’s still a lot of work to be done. If we do this right, we’ll reap benefits like precise medicine, lower prices, smarter spending, and federal regulations that favor uniform, high-quality care.

Quality, speed, and technology are combined to enable superior, affordable diagnostics for everyone. There are no compromises to be made.



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