Make no doubt about the results.

We realize that diagnostics offer no space for mistakes. With a completely automated process, there is simply no room for errors. Your sample(s) will not go through several checkpoints, nor will it be handled by various technicians.
What does this imply for you?
Every time, 100 percent accuracy.

Amedix Laboratory is committed to supporting organizations, businesses and universities get back to work and learning safely. Please contact Amedix Laboratory any time to enquire about organization testing.

AMEDiX Labs offer a wide range of diagnostic tests as state-of-the-art independent reference laboratories. Our test menu includes respiratory infections, immunology, serology, as well as all COVID-19 Testing. Our Laboratory Information Management System includes a Doctor’s easy-to-use web portal so they can easily order, monitor all testing phases, to view and receive results directly from the website, or from all mobile devices. All of our staff members are experienced and qualified Ph.Ds and Technologists with degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry, from respected Colleges Universities.

Transparency and effective communication are important to us. AMEDiX Lab has implemented a number of software systems, including our laboratory information management system, clearing house and billing system, and other systems that accurately translate complex data into simple results. We take pride in knowing that we have tailored our software systems so that all physicians can easily order, track their patients’ progress through all phases of testing, and view patient results directly from our portals on all mobile devices. AMEDiX Lab strives to provide a transparent and collaborative environment for physicians, ultimately delivering individualized patient-centered care.

Combining Love 
for Technology With 
Love for Support

Shortest turnaround

The most nerve-wracking experience of all time has to be waiting for test results. As a result, Amedix places a premium on speed. We’re happy to offer the shortest turnaround time in the Two State region, allowing you to have the test results in your hands in a few hours after it was performed.

So, what does this imply for you?

Every time, you get quick results.

You’re on track.

Nothing should ever fall between the cracks. Especially when it comes to something as priceless as your specimen. We maintain track of your specimen and can trace its exact whereabouts at all times thanks to a sophisticated tracking system.

So, what does this imply for you?

All the time, complete transparency.

Managed appropriately.

The respect we have for your specimen is reflected in our collecting method. Our vials are totally contamination-proof, and our storage vaults are secured with secure combination locks to ensure that your specimen arrives in excellent condition.

So, what does this imply for you?

At all times, there is complete security.

Transparency is important.

Your test findings should be simple to find and understand. There will be no who-can-read-this jargon or high faulting words to look up on Google. Simply log in to your account and you’ll see your simple-to-understand test results staring back at you.

So, what does this imply for you?

Results that are straightforward to understand and access.

Create an Account to have access to the Portal, so you can view and receive your Test Results

We are able to provide services to thousands of patients each month. Our service area has expanded to a 50 miles radius of our location.

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